Building your practice doesn't need to be so frustrating!

I’m saddened when I hear these things:
  • You don’t have the time or money to market your services
  • You live in a vicious cycle of ‘feast or famine’ and want more financial stability and predictability
  • You lack confidence in your ability to market; you are an introvert or feel that marketing is at odds with your holistic approach to healing
  • You are finishing your program of study and are frustrated that you have no clue how to start marketing your services out in the real world
  • You can't imagine how you can double your revenues without working twice as hard
  • You chronically undercharge and over-deliver (Or even worse – you work for free and feel resentful about it.)
  • You have amazing gifts and know that you can help many more people but feel overwhelmed and paralyzed by the number of possibilities with which you’re faced, unable to focus on doing just a few key things to deliver the greatest financial return…
I want you to know something:
Being successful doesn’t need to be so hard
I’ve created a program that will help you feel more confident and clear as you move forward with growing your practice using New Human technology. It’s called The PEACE Process eCourse.

It’s a self-paced online marketing program for conscious healers who are confused or turned off by gimmicky tactics and want a step-by-step approach to create a prosperous, joy-filled practice.   

Filling your practice with a loyal book of clients requires planning. And a marketing strategy that "feels" right to you.  Unfortunately, the strategies being used these days aren't practical:  they're confusing or seem a little bit sleazy, or simply aren't appropriate for you or  your market.

Until now.

In the PEACE Process e-Course, you'll discover simple marketing strategies that were developed from the ground up exclusively for holistic, integrative and functional health practitioners and students. This isn't a bunch of theory . . . it's high impact and it's all about helping you get solid results.  It's material I've been teaching to students and established practitioners all over the world who are putting it into play and seeing results.

I’ve been teaching this material for:
  • Bastyr University
  • Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine
  • Nutritional Therapy Association
  • Hawthorn University
  • Maryland University of Integrative Health
  • George Washington University School of Integrative Medicine
  • Pastoral Medicical Association
  • Dr. Sears Wellness Institute
  • Holistic Primary Care Conference
  • National Association of Nutrition Professionals
  • Emerson Ecologics
  • Wellcoaches
  • Functional Medicine Coaching Academy
  • Oncology Association of Naturopathic Physicians
  • Standard Process of California
  • And thousands of practitioners and students in live workshops, through webinars and those currently enrolled in the course
This course is for you if you are a:
  • Naturopathic Physician
  • Nutrition professional
  • Integrative or functional medicine doctor
  • LAc or OMD
  • Health Coach
  • Chiropractor
  • Holistic Nurse Practitioner
  • Massage Therapist
  • Energy Worker
  • Holistic health entrepreneur
  • Student who is studying to become one of the above!
                            Make PEACE With Marketing
What makes this course so different?
You know the story:  You keep buying classes and programs, coaching and books hoping this will be the one. Time and time again you think you've found the answer and it never is. You keep asking yourself: "Why can't I get this?"
Or maybe you’re stuck. You’re not sure where to start, or when you do start whether you are doing the right things. Who do you ask for help?  The last thing you want to do is spend more money on yet another marketing program. You find yourself doing less and less of the things you really love to do and more time worried or frustrated.
On top of that, well, marketing just isn’t your thing.
I get it. I really do.
Here’s the truth:  Less is more.
That’s my new motto. Here’s why. You only need to understand a few key strategies to be successful at marketing. That’s it!
Tactics like social media, email marketing, blogging, public talks, networking, creating online courses, etc., etc., etc. are options for you to choose from.
You do NOT have to do it all, regardless of what you’ve heard. The science behind successful marketing is quite clear:  Doing a few things extremely well always wins over dabbling in a lot of little things, hoping that SOMETHING will work.
(Don’t worry, I teach you how to do all the above tactics – and more – in my class. That way, when you decide which ones to focus on, you’ll know exactly how to do them.)
I’ve designed this program to help you learn:
  1. Where to start your marketing efforts. Your Purpose brought you to the work you do, but what you may not know how to use it to bring in new clients. I’ll teach you how to harness its power for use in your marketing. 
  1. How to Establish your distinct position in the market as the ultimate expert. You see, everything they teach about reaching out to help the masses turns out to be totally wrong.  Narrowing your focus delivers BIGGER impact, financially and clinically. The good news? You don’t need to abandon your functional or holistic clinical approach with clients, either. 
  1. Strategies to Attract prospective patients and clients. Since 90% (or more) of your prospects are going online to find you, you need to "show up" exceptionally well.  Whether it’s your website, blog, social media presence or other online medium, you’ll learn how to ensure these strategies deliver results.
  1. How to maintain ongoing Connection with prospects and patients.  You’ve probably heard the marketing axiom that people do business with people they “know, like and trust.” This is more important right now than ever before. And connection delivers loyal, paying clients like nothing else... but you’ve got to do it right. My course will show you how.
The final step of my method is Engage.  You’ll learn the secret to authentically and ethically convert prospects into raving fans without fear!  This section will help you deal with those sticky questions like, “Why don’t you take insurance?” and “Your services cost too much money.” Finally!  Answers at last.
Plus, I'm going to give you some additional bonus material that will help you deal with the issue of time management, ways to write compelling content, how to create a website that attracts new prospects, steps to create and deliver public talks and more.
                   Transform Your Practice in 4 Weeks
                                                              Think about this...
Four weeks into my course, where might you be? You could have accomplished some amazing things. I’ve seen students reach milestones such as:
  • Completing a compelling, client-focused website
  • Identifying their ideal niche market to help
  • Confidently converting prospective clients into paying ones
  • Creating their marketing plan and executing on it
  • Getting “unstuck” and unleashing their motivation to move fearlessly forward with marketing
  • Eliminating the thrash and learning how to get more done in less time
  • Knowing exactly how and where to start with marketing and which tactics are most important (and which should be eliminated)
  • Making more money in less time and with little effort
I'll show you how to get started on a brand new path to joy and prosperity in as little as 4 weeks. Of course, this time frame is entirely up to you.  The entire class is self-paced so if you’re an overachiever you may move through the lessons much quicker than that.

Each module will include a combination of video files, slides, templates, examples, cheat sheets, audio files, and exercises. You're going to start working on the exercises in Module 1, taking small but extremely powerful steps that build on each other module by module.

By the end of the course, you will have completely shifted your understanding of what it takes to create a thriving practice. You'll never look at marketing the same way again. You will more than likely save time, money and energy by eliminating activities that you’re doing that no longer are important.  You’ll do things that you had never expected you might do, too. And you'll walk away with a complete marketing plan in hand!
But it's not simply about learning how to do the right tactics the right way at the right time.
You will gain unshakable confidence knowing that you are absolutely right on track with your marketing efforts.  That what you are doing will deliver results in the form of new and loyal clients.
At the end of this course, you will finally gain total control over your practice development efforts and chart a direct course toward creating the thriving practice you've always dreamed of.

Don’t Take My Word For It

Thank you for providing this course at such an affordable rate.
I am enjoying it greatly and can't wait to get through all the modules. I've been trying to piece together marketing information over the past 9 months and have not been able to stick to anything. This course is providing me with the motivation and excitement as well as the structure to build my own plan.
I am so glad there are talented people like you who want to help us in the health field prosper!

Anne Thiel, ND

Progressive Wellness Naturopathic Care

I just want to thank you for putting together this program. Just fixing a few things that you taught us about websites has gotten people calling! One person that I spoke to today told me she really liked my "About" page because it's so personal and relatable.

And thank you for teaching us that we can promote ourselves in a way that is true to us, not by manipulating others to buy our services which is how many others seem to teach.

I wanted to let you know how the course is already helping.

Kerri Ferraioli, NTP, MNT, BCHN

Lifetime Nutrition, LLC

The PEACE Process e-Course was fantastic!
It really helped me to identify the areas in my business that needed marketing attention. This course taught me how to niche down, focus on whom I want to serve, and fine tune my business marketing to get noticed. It is easy for holistic health care practitioners to put marketing on the back burner because it seems tedious.
But this easy to follow course provides you with simple tools and strategies that makes marketing fun! I especially appreciated the learning platform the course is hosted on. You can pace yourself and never forget where you left off.
Most of all, Miriam’s professional touch and supportive nature made me feel like I had my own personal cheerleader!

Shana Hopkins, MS, CN


Here's Exactly What You'll Get Inside

  • 8 core marketing modules consisting of PowerPoint video lectures, downloadable slides, templates, samples, and examples to teach you:
    • How to tap into your purpose and use it to attract people that YOU want to work with
    • Steps to establish your niche and plant your flag as the leader in that market
    • How to build a winning website that attracts visitors and gets them to take action
    • Authentic email marketing methods for creating strong relationships and referrals
    • The TRUTH about social media marketing; how to use it and when to avoid it
    • A powerful selling method to convert prospects to paying clients, including my top responses to common patient objections of money, impatience, trust and fear of change
    • ... and loads more!
  • 1 BONUS module that includes a full webinar on how to turn your vision into reality with a Power Practice Plan. You’ll learn my simple planning method that will take you by the hand and ensure you make progress toward that big old dream of yours!
  • Recordings from past live coaching calls. Enough said.
  • My complete business planning workbook on how to set up a successful, value-based business. You’ll discover new ways to set up your ideal practice, find resources to support you, and how to stay focused on things that lead to success.
  • A bonus module that teaches you how to deliver public talks that deliver clients. I include handouts on how to structure your talk and ways to create a selling tool that makes it easy for people to buy your services.
  • 1 BONUS module with two live video seminars on Time Management and Developing Marketing Messages, including transcripts.
  • My easy-to-use template called The PEACE Process Marketing Compass that you will populate as you go through the course using simple, yet powerful exercises.  Don't have a marketing plan to guide your activities?  You will after taking my course.
  • NEW! A free 1:1 business coaching call with a PEACE Process business coach. VALUE = $250.
  • FREE DOWNLOADABLE PDF copy of my book, The PEACE Process

Still Not Sure?

No Worries. My Product Comes With A

30 Day Money-Back Guarantee!

I'm ready to prove everything I claim. Buy my program now and test drive it for 30 DAYS. If it doesn't live up to any of the claims stated here or you aren't happy for any reason at all, I'll return all of your money minus $100 if you have already had your free coaching call.
No hassles and we can part as friends.

100% Money-Back Guaranteed.


Thanks for reading all the way through to the end :-)